“Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression, And the house of Jacob their sins. Isaiah 58:1

Welcome to the RADYO DIFE NETWORK Shalom, to each tribe the 12 tribes Israel of, who scatter through out of the four corners of the earth. All praises and glory to the Most High Yah! We welcome you to www.radyodife.com. This is a Hebrew Israelites Station of biblical scriptural based servants of the YAHWAH and followers of our Holy Messiah, Yahushua. Our Mission is to serve the Hebrew Israelites community to have a better understanding the word of MOST HIGH YAH and reaching out to the remnant of the true house of Israel. We are your brothers and sisters and we are in this walk together. This is no easy course for us Hebrews Israelites, but we must do our best to be pleasing to the Most High Yah by keeping his commandments and Statutes. You are welcome to post your question and comments you may have concerning the bible to Radyo Dife our Hebrew Israelite online station ran by Hebrews, for Hebrews. To listen the station via www.radyodife.com, turnIn Radyo Dife , AudioNow (712)432-8483 Fell free to Join our worldwide Hebrew Israelite training school on Shabbat sundown Friday and our live broadcast on weeknight at 7:00pm eastern time. In addition, we are broadcasting throughout the week at various times as well.




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