Shalom/Shalawam to the brothers and sisters, worldwide…ALL praises and glory to the Most High Yah! We welcome you to radyodife.com. This is a community of scriptural based servants of the Most High YAH and followers of our Holy Ha’machiach, YAHSHUA.

What we believe:

• The Bible is the Official Word of Most High YAH • Both Old and New Testaments are valid and relevant today as well as the Apocrypha • Our holy Ha’machiach, YAHSHUA is the son of the Most High • We are the Children of Israel scattered throughout the four corners of the earth • We are living out the curses of Deuteronomy 28 • We Must keep the laws, statutes and commandments of the Most High!!

Our purpose

Our purpose is to better ourselves through understanding the word and reaching out to the remnant of the true house of Yisra’el. I am your brother and we are in this walk together. This is not easy walk you for us, but we must do our best to be pleasing to the Most High YAH.

RADYO DIFE is lighting a fire in NC and keeping all around the world up to date with latest news in Haiti and providing you with the latest music and Hebrew Yisraelites teaching.

Address: 1706 B W. English Rd. High Point, NC 27260 . (813)454-7637

Madicho ki sou pitit Yisrael yo!