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CERAPH-R1-E005Bibliography of Elicet Ceraphin Sr. :


Elicet Ceraphin Sr.  was born on 1969, the son Celeress Ceraphin and Jesulia Laurent in July 16, 2009 Mr. Ceraphin created a non-profit call Haiti Progressive Union also C.E.O of a radio station call Radyo Dife Netwòk 890 AM.
Mr. Ceraphin was born in a little village call Lasous, Lagonave Department West of Haiti. In 1987, He was completing the classic study at Lycée Pétion and 1986-1988 he was at Haitian Adventist University (Diquini Carrefour) in 1988, he was working for Methodist of Haiti as a dentist assistant. On January 8th, 1992 he came to United State of America and he spend 8 months study English at Indian River Community college at Fort Pierce USA. then he moved to Rocky-Mount North Carolina it is about 45 mils. From the capital, he was study English at Nash community college and working at Piketon Security for 1 Year 1/2.
After that, Mr. Ceraphin was moving to the capital Raleigh, North Carolina in 1994, he was working at Wackenhut Security, study communication and business administration at Wake Tech. Community College, Mr. Elicet Ceraphin never stop leaning, education he is passion as he always said education not sale in the market but men don’t have it it’s a big deal. In 2000 he was study Phlebotomy Tech, and EKG at Thomas Health Care Institute at Raleigh North Carolina after he graduated he was working at Wake Med Hospital at the pathology to performed his experience but this not what he real want to do after seeing so many people who have insurance money laid in the hospital dying with heart attack, stroke… he was thinking about them a simple exercise and a good nutrition education will prevent them a lot of disease.
He made his action, left the hospital, and went to Barbizon / Avanti Models International to study actor, modeling and personal trainer after completing his study in 2006 he went to New York on the IMTA for a completion with 12.000 people 2.000 for fitness they choose 10 best fitness Mr. Ceraphin was on the 4th won up and he was receiving 4 medleys Goal and silver, trophies and Plaques plus check. For the act, they have 12.000 actors 10 best actors Mr. Ceraphin was on the 3rd won up he was receiving medleys, trophies, plaque plus check.
After got back to Raleigh North Carolina he created fitness club which it still current call E-Team Wellness main right he was on the activities like acting, modeling and commercial here are the activities Mr. Ceraphin was involve in doing 2006- present:




Congo Boy in the City Casting Director Media-Legend Productions

Change & Success Good Samaritan Barbizon

Brazeal Stone Customer Warner Brother Studio

Fashion Runway Model Hudson Belk


Modeling & Film/ Wes Sellers Raleigh, NC
Acting Technique

Fashion Runway/ Shailah Edmonds New York, New York

Advance Acting/ Terresa Womack/ Raleigh, NC
Workshop Neil Sutton

“Wanna Act”/ Al Onarato Los Angeles,CA

“The Audition”/ Tom Logan Los Angeles, CA

Special Abilities:



Some college, Fitness Trainer, Dancing, Singing, Fishing, Martial Arts, Tennis, Driving, Bicycling, Bilingual. Swimming, Barbizon I.F Magazine Winner
On October 2007 Mr. Ceraphin meet his wife Roselaure V. Ceraphin at an evangelic concert at NC State University a year after they got married, they have 5 (five) beautiful children together 3 (three) boys and 2(two) girls: son Enecet R. Ceraphin, daughter Enecia R. Ceraphin, son Eneress R. Ceraphin, daughter Rosenaphine E. Ceraphin  and Elicet Ceraphin, Jr.
Elicet Ceraphin is a professional personal trainer with a background in medical laboratory work and EKG. He is a businessman, experienced in Sales & Marketing also an actor, model and a producer at RTN (Raleigh Television Network . Seeing the struggle immigrants go through to adjust to their new routines when they move to the United States, Mr. Ceraphin wanted to create an organization that catered specifically to immigrant and help them adjust to their daily lives Mr. Ceraphin created a non-profit organization in July 16, 2009 an organization who has diverse programs for the Haitian-American community and non Haitian American. Haiti progressive Union is a charitable organization that seeks to foster harmony and understanding between Haitian-Americans and Americans, to promote the socio-economic welfare of Haitian-Americans, and improve the quality of life of Haitians who resides in the United States of America and in Haiti. The true assistance and help for our Haitian-Americans and Americans. Reaching out to the victims of Haiti’s earthquake. A non-for profit organization established under the laws of North Carolina on July 16, 2009. As a non-for profit Organization, Haiti Progressive Union is recognized under section 501-c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Mr. Ceraphin as a founder and the president of Haiti Progressive Union went to Haiti on a mission with his Organization Haiti Progressive Union 6 months after the earthquake in May 2010, he passed 3 months on a mission he served more than 7.000 Haitians with the medical care, food, shoes and clothing between children, Adults and handicaps, and he put 27 Haitian children at Tousaint Louverture de Nazareen principal Aneton Lefraïs in Petit Gôave in department West Haiti.
In 2012, the Haiti Progressive Union gave away to the people in need more than 250 beds in good condition. And in 2012 through 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Ceraphin their little children, served more than 900 people in need with a hot meal every Thursday at 5:00 PM with the support of Indian Restaurant in New Tampa and Caribbean Restaurant in Tampa those 2 (two) restaurant gave us food every Thursday.
With all those works Mr. Ceraphin has been accomplish but when he came to Tampa Florida and he opened, a new office at 8715 North Brooks St Tampa FL, 33604